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Fall, really.

Hello. It’s been a while because there was a big move of hearth and cattage to a far away place that I’d only dreamed of. Washington! That would be the state. For the first few months of living here, every road sign with this distinctive silhouette of the man himself had me breaking into song. That song. Anyway, hopefully I can get back into the swing of things here and actually post some content. Because I haz content, it’s just sitting in boxes or on the floor mocking me. Those would be positives/negatives. In the meantime, I now live in a place that has seasons. And chilly dampness when there should be chill and damp and it is glorious. Yes, I miss breakfast tacos and fossil hunting. No, I ain’t moving back ever. So… Fall! Scanned stuff found mostly in the backyard after a blustery rainy day.




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I’ve been playing around with composing images on a flatbed scanner for a while now and little did I know there’s a name for that – Scanography! It took some time to find a way to make it mine, but I’m pleased with these results. I added a homemade filter on top of the glass for a slightly blurry dreamy underwater look rather than the normal glare of harsh scanner reality. Also, it helps that my scanner has issues and is helpfully adding some odd background texture because of off-gassing/fogging on the interior glass.






The leaves were found in the parking lot of the Japanese Garden in Seattle and the ammonite is from Arlington, Texas.

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