Found this very crispy polyphemus moth in the yard one day.  Playing around with different backgrounds… flowers and glitter seemed appropriate for mothy dreams.

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New silhouette design

I have new silhouettes to post to the shop this evening, including a new design. Regarding the new design – they are a couple, their names are still being channeled, but probably a sea captain and wife. Drowned of course, but in love forever at the bottom of the sea with their new friends. They’ve been in the works for months, but gregg helped me out with the design and they are finally done. Inspired and re-drawn from an antique silhouette pair I own –

Obviously, the captain half of the pair. Or a likely admiral!

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The pinkening, or Colonial Revival done gone bad

I’ve been working on an absolute stack of stuff for my Etsy shop and will post some pictures when done. In the meantime here are some new, some old pictures of my fantastically pink bathroom. The original post and story about the bathroom is over here.

The doll head was found by a fellow gardener in a community garden in New Orleans we both had plots in. I traded all the old clay and glass marbles I had found in my plot for her! That was a good trade.

The wooden shelf is a relatively new find from a lovely place here in Austin that I try to avoid at all costs. Cost being the keyword there – I can’t get out of there without some thing. Things, really. The shelf was made in 1962 by F.S. Crofford in Washtucna, Washington. I did a horrible thing and painted it black (I also glued it back together which is not so horrible), but it was orangey plywood.

A few silhouettes – there are more for later.

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I love my Austin house, but it is missing one thing: a hearth. It seems that every where I’ve lived since I moved out on my own has had one. Mostly not working in any of the old houses, but a mantel to decorate anyway. Some memorable mantels –

Camp Catawba – a farmhouse/boy’s camp on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Unheated and not one locking door, but our bedroom had a (scary) working fireplace with a plaster surround on which one of the previous hippie tenants had splashed bright colors. I gasped when I saw it for the first time and that was it.

The sixth street shotgun house – any house worth its beans in New Orleans has mantels. Two mantels, one with a (scary) gas fire in the bedroom. I draped the living room mantel in dead saints and crucifixes. After a while, I added dead branches. And xmas lights. This was long before the current fad of dead branch/antler decorating, but I’m sure if I would have had antlers, I would have added those too.

The 1915 house – This mantel was ruined by brick “updating” in the seventies. I had high hopes for it to eventually match the flanking built-in cabinets by restoration, but it wasn’t to be for us. The water came in and we left. For Halloween (dead branches again, I’m cheap):

The blue cottage in the woods – this house was a totally cute and totally neglected craftsmen bungalow. If I hadn’t been in exile and the heating bill hadn’t been insane (insane!), I would have been happier here. I can only hope the slumlords sold it and some crafty couple is fixing it up. Mississippi is a hotbed of cheap antiques and I filled up that mantel in no time. I also had time for paintin’ gourds:

I’m thinking of finding a mantel at one of the salvage places and just gluing it to the wall in the bedroom. I’m not sure there is room. It’s a shame those new fangled plug-in fireplaces are not attractive.

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A new log made of bees…

Herein will lie ideas and inspiration and a better place to put all the things I make and do.

I’m so happy it’s winter – bare trees and damp fields are inspiring. I could tramp through the wilds for hours peering at things and wasting film. And finding the last of the butterfly wings:

This was inspired by TTV photography, but taken through an antique magnifying glass instead of a view camera.

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