Steller’s jay

Last summer, in the backyard, peanuts as a lure.







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Fall, really.

Hello. It’s been a while because there was a big move of hearth and cattage to a far away place that I’d only dreamed of. Washington! That would be the state. For the first few months of living here, every road sign with this distinctive silhouette of the man himself had me breaking into song. That song. Anyway, hopefully I can get back into the swing of things here and actually post some content. Because I haz content, it’s just sitting in boxes or on the floor mocking me. Those would be positives/negatives. In the meantime, I now live in a place that has seasons. And chilly dampness when there should be chill and damp and it is glorious. Yes, I miss breakfast tacos and fossil hunting. No, I ain’t moving back ever. So… Fall! Scanned stuff found mostly in the backyard after a blustery rainy day.




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Xinchang Guzhen…

After recently watching the movie Lust, Caution a request for pictures of Xinchang was made of me. See, parts of the movie were filmed there and I’d forgotten about that and had also forgotten that I took some pictures there way back in 2009. I take a lot of pictures. Anyway, a few snapshots of Xinchang for g and anybody interested. This is a very informative write-up if visiting, I wish we had read that first instead of taking a taxi from Shanghai a la Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.



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I’ve been playing around with composing images on a flatbed scanner for a while now and little did I know there’s a name for that – Scanography! It took some time to find a way to make it mine, but I’m pleased with these results. I added a homemade filter on top of the glass for a slightly blurry dreamy underwater look rather than the normal glare of harsh scanner reality. Also, it helps that my scanner has issues and is helpfully adding some odd background texture because of off-gassing/fogging on the interior glass.






The leaves were found in the parking lot of the Japanese Garden in Seattle and the ammonite is from Arlington, Texas.

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Palladium portrait…

Eyeball portrait of my dear, taken on a Hasselblad with B&W film. I scanned the neg and made a palladium print with a digital negative. The print is much better in person, my scanner was intent on enhancement of paper grain and adding blotches!


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Travels in Washington & Oregon…

A while back, when it still meant certain death to be in the Texas sun for more than a few seconds, I visited the Pacific Northwest. It was lovely. The weather, the trees, the food, the people.  I’m hoping for a winter visit to get my chilly beach walks and tea drinking on, but would gladly settle for eating at one of the thousand or so Asian vegetarian restaurants in Seattle. I took a bunch of cameras and amid the camera juggling (film vs. digital, B&W vs. color, portrait vs. wide, etc…), the iPhone still got plenty of action. Also, after a visit to the Portland Art Museum for a Japanese print exhibit, I was inspired to go vertical with composition and cropping – it seemed fitting. I’ve also done some vertical palladium prints since then, but that will be for another post.


Sutra, highly recommended! Veg, wheat-free, and not an oversalted fake meat product filled dish in sight.




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While we were in the mountains, my niece found these bug-chewed leaves in the woods and gifted me a stack of them. I thought they were amazing, flattened them in a book and then later, took some macro shots of them. These prints were made with contact negatives from the original digital shots, I then used a palladium process and sun exposure to achieve the print.



The best so far...

Happy accident via water spillage...



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Green, lovely green…

Back from Appalachia, it was green, it was mistly and I got rained on a bit. Tried to bring back some desperately needed rain for Texas. That did not work, sadly.

All shots were taken on a Hasselblad 201f with slide film.

Tattered luna moth at the Moses Cone gravesite.


Hiking under giants.


Cemetery in Foscoe, distant relations inside. Also, "don't weep for me my husband dear, I am not dead, but sleeping here."



Forest reclaiming...



Ripe, delicious blackberries in this field. Two different kinds, wild and not. Apples too.



St. John's in Valle Crucis, for a visit with family much missed.




This is what happens when I overexpose a shot and then scan it to see if there is anything at all on the negative. Err, make that positive. Slide film, y'all.



Scanned things brought back.

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In honor and excitement of upcoming trip to heart’s home, old photos of same.  Valle Crucis, Blue Ridge Pwky., etc… some are slide film on a Holga, some digital.






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Sleeping, dreaming…

It’s been a hot and dry summer. My skin and temperament were not designed for all sun, all the time and so much of it has been spent indoors. Reading and watching movies, but some playing with tiny blue LEDs and plastic wrap. What, plastic wrap is a time-honored photography tradition. Good news for Fall though! I will have a studio, a perfect studio actually. With water and concrete floors, garden and trees, bird song, art neighbors and plenty of room. I look forward to shooting and print making in the new space. Macro shots below on an Oly e-500.






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