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Comfort, Texas

I escaped the city for a few days along Cypress Creek in Comfort, Texas. It was only a tiny bit cooler there, but a world away in all other ways. Mornings were picture taking, days were junking and reading. Nights were sleeping under pecan branches with moony face and two different types of fireflies. One […]

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Leaf macro

Leaf, probably some oak kind of thing, found in the driveway. Backdrop is an old oil painting, with nice texture and color…

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Snowy shell

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A rare snow

We rarely get snow and it’s quite an event when it happens, even if it’s only a tiny bit. The snow is melting away in the sun this afternoon, but the garden was a different world this morning.

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Palladiotype mothly

First palladium print. Used a digital negative and a very weak afternoon sun for exposure.

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It’s Winter at the Pecan Grove, my favorite secret place in Austin. If I could build a little hidey-hole shack at the Pecan Grove and live with the deer, birds and cacti, I so would. Unfortunately, being a public park and all, I can’t do that. And the speed boats blaring past on the nearby […]

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Every walk, summer or winter, I find little bits to bring home. Seeds, nuts, poddy things, dried things, mostly dead things. Some recognizable, some not so much. The first one is American beautyberry, the second might be Chinese tallow? Definitely not as well named as beautyberry and very invasive, but apparently good for soap makings. […]

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Back to Shanghai…

More shots from Shanghai during Spring Festival. These are around Shanghai town, with a few of Jing’an Temple. The temple was very close to the apartment, so much chill time was spent there. There are many nooks to escape the crowded street and refresh. Shot on a Holga with slide film.

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November Austin

Yes, we do get some Fall color here in Texas. One of my favorite walks has a variety of trees and bushes changing right now, but mostly elms, pecans and Virginia creeper. Taken with an Olympus E-500 along Bull Creek on a dreary lovely November day.

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Shanghai street snapshots

Taken 2009 during Spring Festival, shot on a Holga with slide film. I’ve been calling these Ghosts of Shanghai because it’s likely skyscrapers have replaced buildings in these photographs since that time. Some of these were taken in old town Shanghai. Not the partially fake old town shopping complex with the mysterious (non-existent?) garden. Other […]

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